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Packed with the top Questions you should ask ANY fulfillment provider to determine if they are right for you!


Our free guide is the perfect research tool for any retail business or e-commerce company looking for a warehouse, fulfillment and distribution provider center who understands the needs for direct to consumer, or direct to business shipping and fulfillment. 

Key things to look for when asking Siri or Alexa "find the best fulfillment provider near me" or "find the best warehouse for shipping near me."

  • Is the Warehouse a Foreign Trade Zone Designated Facility?

  • Does the warehouse team of the fulfillment provider has solid/long-term experience in their respective roles

  • The warehouse and shipping partner has good relationships with current clients – and are partners to enhance their success

  • Impressive company statistics -- 99% accuracy rate and on-time shipping, inventory is available to sell within 24 hours of receipt

  • Desirable geographic location near Chandler, Arizona very close to California and far more reasonable

  • Financially stable with low employee turnover

  • Ability to work w/ varied industries – furniture to apparel to hard goods to soft goods

  • State of the art technology – integrate via API /EDI with over 120 marketplace/platforms

  • Lot control

  • Direct retail or direct to consumer

  • GOTS certified

  • Ability to scale quickly

  • Same day shipping with a variety of carriers

  • Each shipment is rated for weight and destination so that e commerce companies can increase profitability

  • Positive Team Culture

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Customer access to internal data 24/7

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