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About SKU

We have the space to bring on new customers and we can add staff or expand square footage if necessary.

SKU Distribution is a modern warehousing fulfillment and distribution service headquartered out of Phoenix/Chandler, Arizona. We store it, love it, keep track of it, and get it where it needs to go. In order to have a successful e-commerce business, one must have a space to store and ship thousands of goods globally. That means an added cost of inventory and shipment. It is necessary to find an efficient and affordable way to get goods to customers or retail locations as the business scales. This is where fulfillment centers can support sales to make the process a whole lot more efficient. Several operational strategies have to come together in order for online retail companies to be successful. We ensure the process from point of sale to the time of delivery runs smoothly in order to fulfill a client's order satisfactorily. Not many companies excel at direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment and can do it accurately and quickly. We have enjoyed a 99.85% accuracy rate for nearly 3 years. We keep the promises that move the American Dream forward. Literally. From mom and pop retailers all the way up to massive retailers, we play the most essential role in getting goods where they need to go. We have created a company that improves lives by allowing retailers to focus on growing their brands rather than being bogged down by the hassles of fulfillment. 

Some key things about us you should know.

  • Our warehouse team has solid/long-term experience in their respective roles

  • Strong relationships with current clients – we enhance their success impressive company statistics -- 99 % accuracy and on-time shipping

  • Inventory available to sell within 24 hours of receipt

  • Desirable geographic location

  • Financially stable

  • Ability to work w/varied industries – from furniture to apparel with state of the art technology  

  • Integrate via API /EDI with over 120 marketplace/platforms

  • Lot control

  • Direct retail or direct to consumer

  • GOTS certified

  • Ability to scale quickly

  • Same day shipping with a variety of carriers

  • Each shipment is rated for weight and destination so that e commerce companies can increase profitability

  • Positive Team Culture

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Customer access to internal data 24/7

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